NEO and HEREs discuss Concept CA Regional Cluster Meeting


On 9 October, 2020, A. Chorekliyeva, NEO Coordinator, and the team of Turkmen HEREs met to discuss the forthcoming on-line regional confrence and the issues of participating the representatives of Turkmen universities in the meeting.

The on-line cluster meeting is being organised jointly by EACEA, EAC and the NEO Uzbekistan in the framework of the CBHE action of the Erasmus + programme.

It aims at bringing together project coordinators and local CBHE project team members and coordinators from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan

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NEO Coordinator A. Chorekliyeva addresses the participants of "EU Project - Support to the Education Sector in Turkmenistan"


On June 25, 2020, the Coordinator of the National Office in Turkmenistan A. Chorekliyeva, within the framework of Erasmus+ Program, addressed her presentation "Opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ Program” to the participants of the seminar "EU Project - Support to the Education Sector in Turkmenistan". The goal of the project is modernization of the educational system in line with international standards and adapting skills supply to the labour market needs.

The meeting was attended by school teachers and vocational institutions staff of Turkmenistan.

The Turkmen HERE team has been apdated


In November 2019 the NEO arranged a selection procedure including a written test and an interview with each of a candidate. The composition of HEREs has currently been updated by four active young university professionals and one student HERE.

The Turkmen NEO and HERE meeting at the Turkmen State University


On 21 April, 2017 the meeting of the Turkmen HEREs was held at Magtymguly Turkmen State University. The experts made their reports on the work with the university students and teaching staff to deepen their understanding of EU experience and mechanisms of the Bologna process, and analyzed the elements which could effectively be used for higher education reforms in Turkmenistan.

The topic was presented by the Turkmen HEREs who described the EQF aims, structure and scope and highlighted the importance of EQF in promoting learners' mobility between countries and facilitating their lifelong learning.

Mr. Batyr Izmailov, senior teacher of Germany, French and Spanish Languages Department, Azadi Turkmen National institute of World Languages, introduced different approaches of Student-Centered Learning theory and current developments in the context of Bologna processes.

Ms. Ogulsapar Nazarova, senior teacher of Botany Department, Magtymguly Turkmen State University, informed about her visit the Barcelona Conference and its outcomes which could be useful for higher education reforms in Turkmenistan.

Seminar HERE 5-6 April 2017 in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan

International seminar for Higher Education Reforms Experts was held on 5-6 April 2017 in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan “Students in Focus: Students as Partners in Higher Education Governance and Quality Assurance”. The seminar was organized by the Consortium of the SPHERE Team and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

The seminar took place at the Narhoz University of Alma-Ata and discussed students’ participation in the Bologna Process, in higher education governance and quality assurance. More than 30 national delegates from Western and Eastern Europe, Mediterranean and Central Asia attended the conference. The speakers made presentations with examples illustrating European universities’ best practices concerning student involvement in governance benefits HEIs and HE systems.

The Turkmen representatives Aina Chorekliyeva, NEO Coordinator, and Merdan Jumayev, Student of the Turkmen Institute of Economics and Management were involved in the discussions held in 3 workshops on the following topics:

Merdan Jumayev taking part in the discussions spoke on behalf of the student’s youth of Turkmenistan.

Program of the event


1. Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akhmed-Zaki D.Zh.

2. Student participation in Europe, Fernando M Galán Palomares, ESU President 2015-2016.

3. Students in Governance: What is Student Engagement? Experiences from Ireland, Sean O’Reilly, Project Manager

4. Plenary 1. Students in University Governance: case of the RUDN University, Olga Andreeva

5. Student Role in Quality Assurance Case Studies and Examples, Jyri Lähdemaa Board Member, Academic Affairs, National Union of University Students in Finland

6. STUdеnts self-governance and democratic involvement in Kazakhstan: Summary & Prospects

7. The Role of Students in the QA System in Kazakhstan

8. Students in QA - Examples from Lebanon

9. National Union of Israeli Students

10. International Practice Scotland. Eve Lewis, Director Students in National Reform:Optimising stakeholder dialogue

11. HERE Seminar Students in focus: Student as partners in higher education governance and quality assurance