Materials and publications on reforming higher education school:

- Newspaper Interview with TM NEO Coordinator "Dialogue on Modernization of Higher Education System" - Nov 2020 (in Russ)

- NEO Brochure 'The Impact of CBHE Projects on the Reformation of Higher Education System in Turkmenistan'

- NEO in Turkmenistan Bulletin "Erasmus+ HERE International Events in 2018" - 2019

- НЭО в Туркменистане Бюллетень "Международные встречи экспертовЭразмус+ в 2018 г - 2019

- Article "Effective Learning" ("Täsirli okuwlar") Shohrat Byashimov, Turkmen HERE, Newspaper 'Neutral Turkmenistan' - Oct 2019

- Article "The ROAD Project Impact on the Internationalization of Turkmenistan Higher Education. N. Ainazarov, Senior Teacher, TSIF (in Turkmen lang.) - Sept 2019,

- Internet article "Turkmen Universities Take Part in a Regional Meeting on Modernization of Education"

- Article 'Ashgabat-Astrakhan vectors of cooperation in the field of logistics industry'

- Article “Learning Outcomes and Student-Centered Learning"

- Article “New achievements of the telemedicine”

- The Role of Information Technologies in Modernization of the National Education System

- The Use of ICT Technologies in Higher Education

- Integrating E-Learning in Higher Education

- Introduction of Quality assurance system into higher education

- Students in focus students as partners in HE governance and quality assurance

- HERE and their mission: Contributing to higher education reform

- Qualifications Frameworks

- Visiting SPHERE Seminars 2015 - 2017