Higher Education System

The landscape of Turkmen higher education has gradually been changing: in recent years the Turkmen Government has approved a number of legislative documents to modernize the university material and technical basis and to develop their scientific and technological potential. The measures have primarily been focused on facilitating the knowledge exchanging, enhancing equipment and facilities, introduction of advanced technologies and new methodologies for teaching aids. The widespread introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process and creation of university digital educational portals have been replenished with interactive multimedia programs and educational materials. These technological resources are currently used for developing distance-learning, arranging videoconferences with local and foreign universities, and other cooperative meetings for partners in the educational area.

In 2022, the number of higher education institutions is 25. To implement the Digital Education Concept and other Turkmen Government's legislative initiatives, in April 2020 the Ministry of Education established the Innovation Information Center. The Center's task is to connect all educational instituions of Turkmenistan to one digital system by 2025, and to offer advanced training courses for teachers and administration staff of educational institutions to support their competencies in using the modern e-learning technology.

In 2022, the active process of realizing Bachelor programmes is ongoing in all HEls of Turkmenistan with approving the accreditation procedures of diplomas and developing the second phase of educational model (Master degrees).

The number of university students enrolled in Turkmen HEIs in 2021 was 14337 (in compare to the previous academic year 12242 ) due to the introduction of 32 new university specialties.

In accordance with the current legislation, all Turkmen universities are state-owned and subordinate to the relevant sectoral ministries; however, the transition to a paid system has already started: 7 HE institutions have become financially independent since September 2021, which should certainly lead to an improvement to higher education quality and content.

Since 2021 in postgraduate and doctoral studies the number of graduate students has been increased from 67 to 105 due to the introduction of new doctoral specialties.