On June 25, 2020, Coordinator of the National Erasmus+ Office A. Chorekliyeva, within the framework of Erasmus+ Program, addressed with the presentation "Opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ Program” to the participants of the seminar "EU Project" - Support to the Education Sector in Turkmenistan".



On 19 March 2020 the NEO visited Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan. The University is participating in the Erasmus+ project Modernisation of Higher Education in Central Asia through New Technologies (HiEdTec).

The project HiEdTec is currently working on the adaptation of three Turkmen higher education institutions to the digital generation through introduction and effective use of ICT-based innovative educational technologies. The institution project team, following every training session, arranged dissemination activities for institutions’ academic staff and students in order to inform them about acquired experience and organized broadcasting activities to disseminated the information about HiEdTech through TV programs, and local and national media including Internet media.



On 9 March 2020 the Internationl University for the Humanities and Development was visited by the NEO to monitor the Modernisation of Higher Education in Central Asia through New Technologies (HiEdTec) local project group. The Institution visit showed the project’s flexibility to the educational reform in Turkmenistan considering that the country is implementing a digital educational system.

The Turkmen partners first year activities are in progress: they are diligent and actively involved in implementation of the project Action paln. The project attracts the permanent interest of the main stakeholders on institutional and national levels.



New Erasmus+ project “Development of a Master Programme in the Management of Industrial Entrepreneurship for Transition Countries (MIETIC) has started in Turkmenistan.

The project aim is to strengthen academic capacity of HEIs in industrial entrepreneurships in Central Asia by the development and implementation of interdisciplinary MA programmes through establishing sustainable cooperation between project HEI partners and the labor market. MIETIC is targeted to fill the gaps in relevant knowledge and skills of local HEIs, students and industrial entrepreneurship, and focusing on improving company’s competitiveness, will empower graduates with entrepreneurship mind thinking



The Information Day of Erasmus+ Call 2020 in Turkmenistan was successfully organised with the support of the Ministry of Education and the administration of the University for Humanity and Development (IUHD) and was held at the IUHD University. The NEO staff addressed with persuasive presentations on Erasmus+ Programme new opportunities to more than 70 participants. Two representatives from the IUHD administration made their speeches on Erasmus+ project ongoing activities in Turkmenistan and shared out their experience and the achieved results. The promotional materials were distributed among all visitors and students.


19/11/2019 - 02/12/2019

On 19 November and 2 December 2019 the NEO team visited with preventive monitoring the project CRENG (Crisis and Risk Engineering for Transport Services) Turkmen partner team: Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute, International University for Humanities and Development, and Institute of Technologies and Communications.

The most expected project outcomes are corresponded to the planned activities. The actions done have influenced the positive dynamics and strengthening capacity of the participants. However, the NEO found out some failures in the course of the project implementation, which, are considered to be solved only through more efficient and cooperative work, and dialogue based on the mutual understanding of partners.


15/11/2019 - 15/10/2019

The NEO team visited with impact monitoring the project Regional Objectives for Administrative Development (ROAD) on 12/10/19 and 17/10/19. The project ROAD team (Turkmen State Institute of Finance and the University for the Humanity and Development) has presented the best practice example and currently demonstrates lasting positive results at individual, institutional and national levels. The team has established 2 counselling centers which operate in coordination with the Academy of Civil Servants of Turkmenistan, responsible for training and re-training of civil and municipal servants. The Centers have good perspectives for future developments since administrative and pedagogical courses are considered to be important indicators for reforming the higher education system.



In November 2019 the NEO had arranged a selection procedure including a written test and an interview with each of a candidate. The composition of HEREs has currently been updated by four active young university professionals and one student HERE.

Встреча НЭО с кандидатами в национальную команду экспертов Эразмус+ (HERE)…



Meetings for the 1st year students and academic staff were held in Ashgabat on 27/08/2019 and 12/09/2019 at two higher education Institutions: the Turkmen State Institute of Finance and the International University for the Humanities and Development. The information sessions were devoted to the Erasmus+ Programme prospects, and addressing the audience, NEO Coordinator A. Chorekliyeva emphasized the opportunities of the Erasmus+ which made possible mobility visits for students and teachers and gave the wider access to international experience, advanced technologies and external resources. The involved number of students, teaching staff and administration of both universities were approximately 250-300 per a meeting.

27.08.2019 и 09.12.2019 в двух высших учебных заведениях г. Ашхабада, Туркменском государственном финансовом институте и Международном университете гуманитарных наук и развития, состоялись конференции для преподавателей и студентов 1го курса…


ACADEMICA Second National Event in the Turkmen State Institute of Culture

21 October 2017

The main purpose of the National event was to facilitate the participation of the target group in the implementation of three modernized education disciplines: Engineering of Automated Libraries-Database (Microsoft Access), Sound Control, and Sound Engineering.

The conference was attended by the representatives of the Institute administration, Project group, teaching staff and students, Coordinator of the NEO in Turkmenistan Aina Chorekliyeva and the NEO expert G. Sariyeva.

The participants of the meeting were welcomed by S. Janmamedova, a representative of the Institute administration, who stressed the importance of the activities done in the framework of the ACADEMICA Project. Team members O. Gojayeva, A. Blinov and S. Mashaeva made presentations on the recent staff activities which included implementation, progress and the expected results of the work. All the interventions were accompanied with presentations and follow-up discussions on the outcome.


Second National Event of the Project ACADEMICA in the Turkmen State Institute of Finance

On October 20, 2017 the second National event of the ACADEMICA project was held at the Turkmen State Institute of Finance (TSIF). The conference was attended by the Institute teaching staff and students, team members from the Turkmen State Institute of Culture, Coordınator of the National Erasmus+ Office in Turkmenistan A. Chorekliyeva and NEO expert G. Sariyeva.

The Project group presented the results of the cooperation work in modernizing the disciplines: “Modern computer technologies”, “International payment systems” and “Information systems and technology in economy”.

The team successfully accomplished the stated objectives and has proceeded to the next Project phase which will cover the implementation of modernized curricula in the first (winter) semester of 2017-2018 academic years.


The Turkmen HERE meeting at Magtymguly Turkmen State University

On 21 April, 2017 the meeting of the Turkmen HEREs was held at the Turkmen State University. The experts made their reports on the work with the university students and teaching staff to deepen their understanding of EU experience and mechanisms of the Bologna process, and then discussed the ways which could effectively be used for higher education reforms in Turkmenistan.

The role of telemedicine has been discussed within framework of the scientific forum held in Ashgabat

The State Medical University hosted a scientific-practical conference "The role of telemedicine in the development of medical education and science." The "MEDET" project progress implemented within the framework of the EU program "Tempus" was considered during the forum.



Dear friends!

We are glad to announce the call for application for the Erasmus Mundus Master Course on Maritime Spatial Planning (EMMCMSP), 2017/2019.

The two-years English-taught master course is delivered by the University Iuav of Venice (coordinator), University of Azores and University of Seville, supported by a MSP Consortium of 10 Public and Private Institutions from worldwide.

The course is supported by EACEA Agency of European Union with full scholarships (including travel costs and health insurance) for EU and non-EU students, with Additional Mobility Schemes for students from Specific Regions of the World as Countries from the Mediterranean, Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Latin America, South Africa, Gulf Countries, African, Caribbean, Pacific.

Within the EMMCMSP is it possible to become part of the EMMCMSP Consortium to take part to the activities, as for example hosting EMMCMSP students for 6-months internship.

The New deadline for students application is on the 23rd January 2017.
We would like to kindly ask you if you could disseminate the call for application among students or networks that might be interested.

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE For more information about program layout, MSP Consortium and opportunities to be part of it, application procedure, student services, financial info and scholars application, please visit the website:


With funds left over from the first round of applications for international credit mobility, 8 National Agencies have chosen to open a second round of applications for Central Asia under the 2016 call for International Credit Mobility.

The total available budget is of EUR 500,000, which will fund approximately 125 additional mobilities to and from Central Asian countries.

The second round of applications will close on 15 September 2016 at 12:00 noon (Brussels time). Any higher education institution is eligible to be part of a project application, including those that have already secured funding for a given project, or those that did not apply or were unsuccessful in securing funding for the first round of applications.

Please find the link to the announcement on the Erasmus+ website:

The exact amounts available for your region per Programme Country are listed in the table below. Should you wish to contact the International Contact Point (ICP) for that National Agency, their contact information can be found here:

Programme Country
Total available
Austria 113,234 €
Belgium 19,624 €
Cyprus 22,598 €
Denmark 55,904 €
Iceland 10,172 €
Malta 13,167 €
Netherlands 151,918 €
United Kingdom 112,944 €

Capacity Building in Higher Education

In this document you can find a list of national and regional priorities for Turkmenistan. Also you can see the Partner Search Form for Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education.

Dear friends!

All the documents and information included in the application for participation in the Second Call for proposals for Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) are published on the web-site of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

European Commission allocates this year for Central Asia CBHE projects 9,2 million euros.

Information on the conduct a seminar in Turkmenistan

21 September 2015 the National Erasmus+ Office in Turkmenistan conducted the Erasmus+ seminar in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, the Liaison Office of the European Union in Turkmenistan and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission on the topic European System of Credit Transfer and Accumulation. Qualifications Frameworks.

Welcoming statements were made by Mrs. Aina Chorekliyeva, the National Erasmus+ Office Coordinator in Turkmenistan and Mr. Howard Davis, Senior Consultant of the Association of European Universities.

The seminar venue - Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communications (Magtymguly Shayoly, 68 Ashgabat)