How to get Turkmen visa

Turkmen visa

The process of the Turkmen visa obtaining for European experts

1. To launch the visa obtaining process, two requests for invitation on official letterhead should be sent electronically by a European Project Coordinator to a Turkmen university Contact Person: one letter for the Rector of the Coordinating Turkmen university with attached files (a of an expert’s passport, or a group of experts’ documents), and second letter should be sent to the Minister of Finance of Turkmenistan, the National Coordinator of the International Technical Assistance Programme (the texts of both letters are similar).

2. With received request, the Rector addresses the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan to take permission for the expert(s) visit.

3. Following permission from the Ministry of Education, the Rector addresses his letter to the Minister of Finance of Turkmenistan attaching the EU Coordinator’s letter.

4. The office of the National Coordinator in the Ministry of Finance conveys the request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then, the MFA transmits it to the Migration Service of Turkmenistan.

5. Upon completion of all formalities, the National Coordinator’s office in the Ministry of Finance or the Turkmen HEI Contact Person gets the completed documents in the Migration Service.

6. As soon as the invitation letter is received, the visa can be granted in the Embassy of Turkmenistan, or in Ashgabat airport upon arrival.