Second monitoring visit to HiEdTec project team

On 19 March 2020 the NEO visited Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan. The University is participating in the Erasmus+ project Modernisation of Higher Education in Central Asia through New Technologies (HiEdTec).

The project HiEdTec is currently working on the adaptation of three Turkmen higher education institutions to the digital generation through introduction and effective use of ICT-based innovative educational technologies. The institution project team, following every training session, arranged dissemination activities for institutions’ academic staff and students in order to inform them about acquired experience and organized broadcasting activities to disseminate the information about HiEdTech through TV programs, and local and national media including Internet media.

Monitoring visit to the International University for the Humanities and Development

On 9 March 2020 the International University for the Humanities and Development was visited by the NEO to monitor the Modernisation of Higher Education in Central Asia through New Technologies (HiEdTec) local project group. The Institution visit showed the project’s flexibility to the educational reform in Turkmenistan considering that the country is implementing a digital educational system.

The Turkmen partners first year activities are in progress: they are diligent and actively involved in implementation of the project Action plan. The project attracts the permanent interest of the main stakeholders on institutional and national levels.

New Erasmus+ project has started in Turkmenistan since January 2020

New Erasmus+ project “Development of a Master Programme in the Management of Industrial Entrepreneurship for Transition Countries (MIETIC) has started in Turkmenistan.

The project aim is to strengthen academic capacity of HEIs in industrial entrepreneurships in Central Asia by the development and implementation of interdisciplinary MA programmes through establishing sustainable cooperation between project HEI partners and the labor market. MIETIC is targeted to fill the gaps in relevant knowledge and skills of local HEIs, students and industrial entrepreneurship, and focusing on improving company’s competitiveness, will empower graduates with entrepreneurship mind thinking

The National Information Day of Erasmus+ Call 2020

On 29 December 2019 the Information Day of Erasmus+ Program in Turkmenistan was successfully organised with the support of the Ministry of Education and the administration of the University for Humanity and Development (IUHD) and was held at the IUHD University. The NEO staff addressed with persuasive presentations on Erasmus+ Programme new opportunities to more than 70 participants. Two representatives from the IUHD administration made their speeches on Erasmus+ project ongoing activities in Turkmenistan and shared out their experience and the achieved results. The promotional materials were distributed among all visitors and students.

Monitoring visits to Erasmus+ project CRENG team

On 19 November and 2 December 2019 the NEO team visited with preventive monitoring the project CRENG (Crisis and Risk Engineering for Transport Services) Turkmen partner team: Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute, International University for Humanities and Development, and Institute of Technologies and Communications.

The most expected project outcomes are corresponded to the planned activities. The actions done have influenced the positive dynamics and strengthening capacity of the participants. However, the NEO found out some failures in the course of the project implementation, which, are considered to be solved only through more efficient and cooperative work, and dialogue based on the mutual understanding of partners.

Impact monitoring of Erasmus+ ROAD project

The NEO team visited with impact monitoring the project Regional Objectives for Administrative Development (ROAD) on 12/10/19 and 17/10/19. The project ROAD team (Turkmen State Institute of Finance and the University for the Humanity and Development) has presented the best practice example and currently demonstrates lasting positive results at individual, institutional and national levels. The team has established 2 counselling centers which operate in coordination with the Academy of Civil Servants of Turkmenistan, responsible for training and re-training of civil and municipal servants. The Centers have good perspectives for future developments since administrative and pedagogical courses are considered to be important indicators for reforming the higher education system.

In November 2019 the NEO had arranged a selection procedure including a written test and an interview with each of a candidate. The composition of HEREs has currently been updated by four active young university professionals and one student HERE.

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