Call for MA EU Forestry Erasmus Mundus

The call for applications for the MSc European Forestry in the University of Eastern Finland has been opened between 4 and 18 January 2023!

The Consortium of six leading universities from Austria, Finland (coordinator), France, Germany, Romania and Spain offers Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme. In addition, Associated Partner Universities from Canada, China and Brazil and several Associated Scientific and Industrial Partners from around Europe participate in the programme delivery.

MSc European Forestry programme is an innovative response to the needs of the world’s forestry and bioeconomy sectors. Graduates will have the latest knowledge of forest management and policy-making in Europe, and the ability to work in multicultural environments.

The special features of MSc European Forestry:

- Students will study in at least two European top-quality universities

- A field course will be studied at Spain, France, Germany, Austria and Romania universities

- Two months Internship will be taken in Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Spain or Romania

- Upon graduation students would receive a double degree certificate (two MSc degree certificates)

- Annual Consortium fee for students coming from partner countries (non-EU countries) is 8 500 EUR and for students coming from programme countries (EU-countries) 4 250 EUR.

- Erasmus Mundus scholarships 39 500 – 48 000 EUR covering the consortium fees and including travel, installation and subsistence contribution and an insurance scheme will be available for the best applicants.

Apply between 4 - 18 January!

General information about the programme

Link to Study and the application form

Information about the application requirements

Information about fees and scholarships

Information about the School of Forest Sciences, University of Eastern Finland

Practical information about studying at the University of Eastern Finland

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