garagErasmus Foundation for Erasmus students and alumni

A startup with a big idea!

The garagErasmus Alliance (gE) was founded on October 4, 2012. The gE mission is a professional Erasmus generation network that aims to support the creation of a more integrated Europe, as well as improve the lives of people who have experience of international study or work. It brings together Erasmus participants before, during and after study, and takes care of their life. gE electronic platform provides the opportunity for individuals to start or join ongoing projects, as well as post their own publications.

gE activities are coordinated with the European Commission and the Erasmus Students and Alumni Alliance (ESAA). The Foundation has local offices throughout Europe and beyond, and gE4Cities that organize activities in accordance with the established mission and guidelines. Its mission is built by matching the demand and supply of international jobs, encouraging social initiatives and helping create new startups.

garagErasmus is one of the creators of ESAA. It is also the only platform recognized by the European Commission to create a professional network of the Erasmus Generation. Since 2016, Erasmus graduates are automatically encouraged to register on the online platform garagErasmus via ESAA.

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