ICM in Erasmus+ 2021-2027


A unique learning experience in Europe

Double/multiple/joint degree, or recognition of your study abroad

In-depth knowledge of Europe and its higher education

Improved linguistic skills, intercultural experience

Better employability

Academic exchange of knowledge, ideas, contacts

Activities supported

Short-term higher education mobility for students, academic and administrative staff

All levels: Bachelor, Master and PhD candidates

Mobility in any subject or academic discipline

Also supports traineeships for students and training for staff

NEW! Study periods and traineeships of 2 – 12 months

Blended mobility (physical mobility of 5 – 30 days + virtual component)

All partners in an ICM project can send and host students and staff as described in their submitted project and provided that a relevant grant has been secured.

For certain countries, Bachelor/Master student mobility is only possible from third countries to Europe – this means third country universities can send but not host. European partners may use a part of their intra-European mobility budget to fund their students’ mobility to restricted countries under ICM.

Who can apply and how?

Higher Education Institutions in the Programme countries:

The ICM project in their application contains the countries and partner universities they intend to cooperate with, as well as their cooperation plan in each region

Upon successfully passing the established quality criteria, they will be allocated an ICM grant spread in different regional envelopes.

For every partnership with a secured budget, an Inter-Institutional Agreement is needed between the main applicant in Europe and every partner university in third countries before mobilities can start.

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