Turkmenistan ratified the Lisbon Recognition Convention

News = 29/03/2023

According to the state news agency "Turkmenistan: Golden age", in order to improve foreign credential recognition for higher education and VET, on November 20, 2022 President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov signed the Law ratifying Turkmenistan’s accession to the Lisbon Convention (LRC) on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning to Higher Education in the European region.

Under the new Law, the Innovation and Information Center of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan will act as national information center relating to recognition of academic and professional qualifications, as indicated in the Convention. According to the decree of the President, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan have to prepare and submit proposals to the Cabinet of Ministries for introducing amendments and additions to the current legislation.

Turkmenistan’s accession to the LRC opens a variety of opportunities for Turkmen graduates: it will boost their competitiveness both in science and industry, raise motivation for pursuing further education, and will, undoubtedly, contribute to further integration of Turkmen higher education into the global educational and scientific community.